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Google Reader alternatives ?

None .. no really there is NO Google reader alternatives simply because Google reader is THE BEST.
However since google reader will be shut down in few days and we don’t have a choice and we have to switch somewhere. So what are the alternatives one day before the google shutdown ?

1) Feedly :

I hate it .. no really it is HELL of a BUGGY .. it doesn’t mark my blog posts as read.. it requires some crappy plugins that will fetch the articles in the background otherwise it is not working, the android app is peace of buggy shit with some promotional popular craps and no real full article view for tablets. It is amazingly bad.. it looks shiny but it is shit, it requires login on all your machines each time when you make changes between the machine (work, home, phone). It is unusable even when it looks good :
It looks good but it is not an alternative.. no my friends its peace of crap that just wants to steal some google reader users.

2) AOL reader : currently in  closed beta.

It is not bad actually it looks good it works good (when it works) however it is not working like 30% of the time still it may become a good alternative ones it is done but it wont be done tomorrow so .. nope it doesn’t work for me.
It looks like that :

3) Digg Reader : currently in closed beta.

Good idea however it is hell of a buggy doesn’t looks and works very well and maybe some day it will be okei as AOL reader but this day is not today.
It looks like that:

4) NewsBlur, Pulse, Flipboard, NetVibes, Zite are basicaly RSS readers but not a Google reader alternatives.

You can read about all of them here however I don’t like them at all they look bad and they are useless for a lot of news. Sometimes I have 1500 news per day that I want to scroll as fast as possible and read only the 50 of them which are really liked so this readers to me and I guess for many of you as well cuz this readers simply doesn’t do the job.
So what can we do ? what is left ? yes what is left is the REAL alternative. The real alternative is called

5) Old Reader : works and looks like a boss !

First of all no complains about how it works, it marks everything right on time I don’t have to cilck some crappy button “Mark all my articles as read” like in feebly otherwise 50% of your already checked articles are unread … also Feedly doesn’t show you all unreaded articles it is peace of shit anyway Old Reader is awesome and it is not just created a month ago by 3 random php guys who are trying to type something that can read XML file and show html instead it is old product which already have users, which is already stable and proven and it doesn’t require some weird browser extensions. The social plugins are missing indeed share on facebook or on google+ however there are bookmarklets for this I was always wonder before how you can share something before you actually read it just watching the headlines ? it is just strange… Anyway by default the reader looks like this (after last UI changes that the old reader team made) :

I know what you will say : it looks bad.. Indeed I don’t like how it looks as well.. what I did in order to LOVE this reader is well I installed Stylish extension ( I already had it ). Stylish extension gives you a way to apply any css to any website that you visit.. for example you have something in Facebook you don’t wanna see then add a selector and hide it..  so for the old reader there are tons of css styles reader UI is made very nicely and all the css classes are nicely called everything is very easy for customization here is my try if someone want to use it :!176&parid=3917982854A57D45!102&authkey=!&Bpub=SDX.SkyDrive&Bsrc=Share
Just add this style in Stylish add the URL starting with and voala:

Well that’s it guys – THE OLD READER the ONLY Google reader alternative on 26.06.2013.


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