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Moving away from Blogger/Blogspot for blogging

Hello everyone, in recent years I didn't have time to actually blog and the reason was not only the lack of time. The real reason was that personal blogs are no longer this viable as ones were. In the current time, most people read medium or ghost or very development-aligned websites to get their content. In the past years when this blog was created, was actually a blog aggregator, where you put your blog and people can vote for it, in a way similar to Reddit.  It was AWESOME having a front and back page and the blog links having a lot of votes sometimes made it to the front page. There was RSS for both pages and it was so so awesome and  Javalobby was a forum back then. I don't know how these guys fcked up that much but shame.  Anyway, all is over ... dzone is completely different, javalobby doesn't exist and to have a personal blog and just rely only on your Twitter or Reddit presence is just too much work for a developer, after all we have to also

NestJS + Mongo + Typegoose

The current state of Mongo with NestJS ( and Node) . Currently you have 3 options to use Mongo with Node (and NestJS). 1)  NestJS + Mongoose  where maybe the best tutorial I have found is here  the issue is that I hate the fact I had to write the schema definitions and the typescript interfaces. If you are fine with writing everything 2 times ones the Schema and ones the Document as Typescript Interface maybe this is the best way to go. 2)  NestJS  + TypeORM where you can actually use TypeORM with MongoDB, however I do not recomment this if you want to learn more I would ask you to write this blog post 3)   NestJS  + Typegoose - basically what it does is it uses your domain objects to get the schema from them. And this is what this post is all about. There is a lot of documentation how you can achieve that, however I didn't lik