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Spring one 2gx conference review

Last week I was able to visit the Spring One 4gx conference in Washington, D.C. SpringOne4gx is an annual conference made by Pivotal usually held in September each year but on different location in USA each time. I have to share that this was the BEST conference I have attended to in my whole life. The conference was taking place at Marriott Marquis which was a cool place, the only big minus was that it was extremely cold, but I believe this is an issue about US in general (very warm outside and cold inside - yes it was strange indeed). This was my first visit to USA so I had to say that I am not impressed, many poor peoples sleeping on the streets and at least 1 different crazy day each day (shooting with virtual rifle or talking to strangers and etc.) anyway if this is capitalism I don't like it. About the conference itself: the conference was in 4 days, the first day was mostly only, a keynote and registration + a diner. I have to say that the conference tickets was coveri