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Generate JavaDoc with UML diagrams

In my life many times has happened when I am assigned to a totally new project that I have no idea what it is about, that has to go live in 2 weeks and that I have to fix some issues in this ultra strange code sometimes even code written in different language. On my question is there any documentation the answer is: Yes but it is very old or no. So in short they want me to start working on a project with no documentation at all. My second question is is there a javadoc and the anwer is : yeah … kind of … so I am in a project with 30% javadoc with methods in French language for example ( I don’t know even a single word in French) so in short I am loosing 2 weeks to understand what is using what what is the model what is PersonnePhysique  and what is this crazy domain model. I believe this has happened with everyone of you at least once so what can you do ? You can start digging into the java code like crazy ( like everyone of us have tried many times) You can install inte