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JavaFX 1.2 IS HERE

JavaFX 1.2 is here it came with a lot of futures ( ) For me the most important "changes" are : Platform Support Support is now provided for two additional OS platforms: Solaris Beta: OpenSolaris 2009.06 Linux Beta: Ubuntu 8.04 LTE Media Real-time streaming protocol (RTSP) support is new. You can read more about RTSP on the RTSP wiki . var url: String = "rtsp://"; Media supports two more OS platforms, OpenSolaris and Ubuntu Linux. Both platforms use the open source multimedia framework GStreamer . Media has better support for video scrubbing. UI Control Components Package affected: javafx.scene.control The new javafx.scene.control package now includes the following classes for creating UI controls. Behavior Button ButtonBase CheckBox Control Hyperlink Keystroke Label Labeled ListView ProgressBar ProgressIndicator Radio