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Google Reader alternatives ?

None .. no really there is NO Google reader alternatives simply because Google reader is THE BEST. However since google reader will be shut down in few days and we don’t have a choice and we have to switch somewhere. So what are the alternatives one day before the google shutdown ? 1) Feedly : I hate it .. no really it is HELL of a BUGGY .. it doesn’t mark my blog posts as read.. it requires some crappy plugins that will fetch the articles in the background otherwise it is not working, the android app is peace of buggy shit with some promotional popular craps and no real full article view for tablets. It is amazingly bad.. it looks shiny but it is shit, it requires login on all your machines each time when you make changes between the machine (work, home, phone). It is unusable even when it looks good : It looks good but it is not an alternative.. no my friends its peace of crap that just wants to steal some google reader users. 2) AOL reader : h