Patching a Maven library with your custom class.

Sometimes you use a library that has a bug. Or maybe it doesn’t has a bug but you want to change something. Of course if it is an open source you can get the sources… build them … with your change and so on. However this first takes a lot of time and second you need the sources.
What you usually want .. is to just replace one class.. or few classes with something custom… maybe add a line .. or remove a line and so on.
Yesterday… I had an issue with jboss-logging. The version I was using was 3.2.0Beta1 and it turns out that using this version and log4j2 2.0 final basically meant that no log is send to log4j2. The reason was a null pointer exception that was catched in jboss logging class called Log4j2Logger. The bug I submitted is here and it was fixed at the same day. However I will use it as an example since I didn’t knew when this will be fixed.. and I didn’t want to wait till it is fixed.
So I was thinking what I want.. to take the jboss-logging  jar  and replace the file called Log4j2Logger. Basically as you can see in the bug I wanted to replace line 54 to be :
instead of :

this.logger.log(null, loggerClassName, translatedLevel,
parameters == null || parameters.length == 0 ? this.messageFactory.newMessage(message) :
this.messageFactory.newMessage(String.valueOf(message), parameters),
to become :
this.logger.log(translatedLevel, parameters == null || parameters.length == 0 ? this.messageFactory.newMessage(message) : this.messageFactory.newMessage(String.valueOf(message), parameters),

And that’s it. Of course I didn’t wanted to do this manually with zip Усмивка but to use maven as well.

So what I did:

1) I created a new maven project and added as dependency the jboss-logging.
2) I set the new project groupid and artifactid as the ones in the dependancy.
I set the version to be something like “3.2.0.Beta1-log4j2-npe-fix” so I added –log4j2-npe-fix
3) I used a plugin that takes the original version, unpacks the original jar in target WITHOUT the class I want to patch in this case Log4j2Logger.class and added my own implementation in the sources of my project.
4) And well thats all... ones I build.. my patched class will go in target.. and the original classes except the class I want to patch will also go in target and voala.. I will have a library which is patched.
The full pom.xml looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project xmlns=""


and that’s it.. the only thing left is to update my project to use my version 3.2.0.Beta1-log4j2-npe-fix instead of the original 3.2.0.Beta1.

I hope this will help to someone to save time.

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