Make the common blog template more personal

I've found this awesome blogging template you can see it here : it was good but it doesnt look like "mine" so I've decide to change it a little.

First I change the right part of the header so I've added a picture of my dog "gaucho" instead of strange horse in the template and I've changed the Iphone screen.
On the left part I've removed the "tea and leamon" and add a "coffee":)
You can check the old one:
And the new one:

But still somethink is not good. The logo area is too "rock & metal" I've wanted somethink more "geeky" so I've decided to replace it with business card.
I've found this great tutorial for Photoshop CS3, I want to say that I've used Trail for Photoshop CS 3 and I can say IT IS SO BUGGY that I will remove it soon, so I've created this blog bussines card:

And after adding it to the blog template it looks like that :
Anyway now I'am wondering how to change the area under the Iphone this keys and cards and tickets are not mine, and the eiffel tower come on ! blah :D
After a little thinking I decided to remove the Eiffel tower from left and to remove this strange tickets and cards from right.
The new version looks like this ( it is currently applied on the site ). Maybe to coffee stains doesn't look very good.

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Steph said...

Hello! I love this template! I would love to use it on my blog - but, like you, would love to make it more personal. I am in no way technologically savvy - so how does one go about making it personal - in the way you've added a photo of you, iphone, etc?

jNayden said...

OU hello man it is very easy. The most hard part is that you need to cut the parts that you want and the parts that you dont want. For me I am not designer so I've made this I go to and download it is very easy to use and have very good tools that can "select by pixels and colors" so just check it I think you will see that it is easy.