Planet Aggregator in GWT and AppEngine. Looks like Planet Gnome.

Hello guys, just for fun I’ve created a GWT + Google AppEngine aggregator application that looks like this:


It is based on but just for the idea. The assets are from and the aggregator looks like planet gnome in most cases. It have less features of course. I hope Redhat don't have objections for the assets but I cant find the “assets” license.

The development of the GWT + AppEngine aggregator and the deployment of the application take 2hours, and the application is smaller than 300 lines of code(including view, entry point and service implementation). So I can say that the Google AppEngine is awesome place and way for hosting and developing applications.

The application is deployed at : so you can check it and leave replay. I still have a lot of problems like the html comments in the Radoslav Kirilov posts which exists in the RSS.

For RSS/ATOM parsing I use feed4j project but it has a lot of problems like: not parsing pubDate element in RSS 2.0 and updated in Atom 1.0 but it’s easy to be add/fix it yourself.

I use the planet gnome HTML view so for adding posts I’ve used VerticalPanel and added HTML elements to it. I didn't find better way to do this so if you know other way tell me.

Example :

VerticalPanel vPanel = new VerticalPanel();

for (FeedItem item : result) {

vPanel.add(new HTML("<DIV class=\"entry\">\r\n" +

… +

" </DIV>\r\n" +



DOM.setInnerHTML(RootPanel.get("loading").getElement(), "");


The “loading” div was used for displaying “Loading please wait” while I’ve load the feeds. The loading idea was taken from The feeds are updated on every 30mins not on every call.

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